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Degreeing cam info

Postby Dragon » Wed Feb 03, 2010 4:44 pm

For maximum performance, each Crower camshaft is carefully designed to open and close the valves precisely, in relation to crankshaft rotation and piston position (this is called valve timing.) That’s why it’s so important to make sure your new Crower
camshaft is opening and closing the valves as it was design to do.

It used to be you could install a new Crower camshaft on the stock timing marks and be within 1° + or - of our recommended valve timing figures. Stiffer pollution control standards changed all that as automobile manufacturers advanced or retarded valve timing over the years to clean up dirty emissions.

Nowadays, you can’t rely on stock timing marks on newer motors for proper installation of your new camshaft. You should degree your camshaft to verify valve timing figures listed on the timing tag supplied with your camshaft. In doing so, you’ll achieve maximum performance, torque and satisfaction.

As that says on pollution motors the timing is a mess not on the FEs they never put retarded cam timing gears or profiles in. So if you are dropping in a near stock or mild cam in an FE don't waste your time degreeing the cam. :2cents:
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