Cell phone holder?!?!?

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Cell phone holder?!?!?

Postby CobrajetF-250428 » Sun Aug 06, 2017 1:37 pm

I've posted a few questions concerning hard line fuel routing and 89810 hedman header fitment and got only a few replies, thanks to those who did. I realize that maybe my questions have been covered before and I have discovered that on my own and since have solved my issues on my own. No hard feelings and I am not complaining but I just came across a thread where someone asks about a frigging cell phone holder and it get like 14-15 replies................really! Personally who the "F" cares about a cell phone holder for what ever reason for a bumpside, dentside slick 60's or ANY classic American iron..............again just saying really?

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Re: Cell phone holder?!?!?

Postby sargentrs » Sun Aug 06, 2017 5:14 pm

:lol: Funny how that works, huh? But really, when it comes to highly technical or high skill subjects, like fuel line routing or header fitment, people tend to not respond unless have actual accurate knowledge or experience in the subject. More people probably read the thread but did not respond because they just didn't know. I respect and applaud this because then you're not getting an opinion but you're getting real technical knowledge or actual experience. At least that's the way I read and post. On off the wall subjects, like the cell phone holder, where it's not original to the truck, almost everybody has an opinion or suggestion. A lot of people have at least some knowledge on some aspect of the installation or would like to have something similar in their truck so they post advice or ask more questions. If you were able to solve your particular problem then please post your solutions or findings. Then you become one of the knowledgeable and don't be surprised if you don't find your post mentioned by another member next time somebody else has a similar issue. I have a lot of technical threads saved for reference and have posted them up to other members who have had dilemmas that somebody else has solved. When I see one that tickles my memory, I search my "library" and refer that poster to that technical thread. We're all here to share knowledge and help each other out so please don't take offense and share what you have learned with the rest of us.
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Re: Cell phone holder?!?!?

Postby 71Fe2O3 » Mon Aug 07, 2017 7:49 am

I'm with sargentrs on this one. I read most posts, but only respond to those for which I think I can add some value. It seems that most people on here also do that. It is a nice contrast to sites where people chime in to say they don't know, or supply vague and speculative information, or, worse, attack each other. There is a lot of knowledge here, in the real time responses and in the threads, and, though it can feel lonely when your question is met by silence, it may just mean that nobody knew the answer, and I would rather have that than have to wade through a dozen unhelpful responses.

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