January 1969 - December 1969

Bulletin No. 125 - October 24, 1969 [COMPLETE]

(11 articles)

  • Article 1971 - Speedometer System Noise - Supersedes TSB #119 Article 1866
    (All Vehicles - 1969 Model)

  • Article 1972 - Front Wheel Hub Bolt Replacement
    (All Vehicles Equipped with Disc Brakes)

  • Article 1973 - New Front Spring Pin
    (All W-WT-1000-D)

  • Article 1974 - Front Suspension Assembly - Remove and Install
    (1967, 1968, 1969 Cortina)

  • Article 1975 - Bent Horn Ring Contact Plates
    (All 1969 Passenger Cars with Horn Blowing Ring)

  • Article 1976 - Headlight Adjusting Bracket Screw Disengagement
    (Light Trucks - 1970 Built Prior to 8-28-69)

  • Article 1977 - Headlamp Dimmer Switch Sticks or Binds
    (Ford - 1969)
  • Article 1978 - Water Entry into Front Turn Signal Lamp Assembly
    (1967-69 W-WT-1000-D Trucks)

  • Article 1979 - Courtesy Lights Inoperative Due to Blown Fuse
    (Fords Equipped with Door Mounted Courtesy Lights)
  • Article 1980 - Windshield Wiper Switches Not Interchangeable
    (Mustang 1969-70 - Fairlane 1970)

  • Article 1981 - Underhood Paint
    (Bronco and F Series - 1970)

Re: Bulletin No. 125 - October 24, 1969

(WEBMASTER'S NOTE: This TSB comes with the following announcement printed on Page 1):


We are happy to announce a change in the method of distributing Technical Service Bulletins that many dealership service managers and technicians have been asking for.

Starting with this issue, each Registered Technician will receive a copy of the complete (white) TSB at his home address. Each dealership will receive two (2) copies of the white TSB mailed directly to the dealership service manager (plus the number of extra copies the dealership may have subscribed for). The yellow summary sheets have been discontinued.

The new TSB summary index will be distributed in the same manner at four (4) month intervals.

We believe that this will go a long way toward improving the availability of this information to the men who are actually doing the work. It will be important, however, that all technicians are registered in the program and that personal data (home address, place of employment) be kept up to date in the master file in Detroit. We cannot provide this service except to registered technicians whose name, address and social security number we have on file.

A great deal of effort here has gone into making this personalized distribution possible. We urgently need the help of every dealership technician and service manager to keep it working well.