January 1971 - December 1971

Bulletin No. 1 - September 15, 1971 [COMPLETE]

(20 articles)

  • Article 1 - Front Bumper Hitting Fender
    (1972 Torino)

  • Article 2 - Front Bumper Rattles
    (1972 Torino, Montego)

  • Article 3 - Outside Remote Control mirror Rattle
    (1971-72 Thunderbird, 1971 Lincoln/Mark III, 1972 Lincoln/Mark IV)

  • Article 4 - Rear Seat Cushion Noise
    (1972 Torino, Montego)

  • Article 5 - Rocker to Frame Squeak
    (1972 Torino, Montego - All Models except Station Wagon)

  • Article 6 - Spare Tire Rattle
    (1972 Torino/Montego Station Wagon)

  • Article 7 - A/C Condenser and Receiver Assembly Isolation Mounting Pad Bolts Loose
    (1972 Torino/Montego)

  • Article 8 - Battery Cable - Improper Position
    (All 1972 Thunderbird and Mark IV Built Prior to 8-5-71)

  • Article 9 - Displaced Wiper Pattern
    (Ford - 1971)

  • Article 10 - Improper Matching of Radio and Speaker
    (1971 Mustang Equipped with AM Radio)

  • Article 11 - Poor A/C Performance - Fresh Air Damper Sticking in Open Position
    (Ford - 1971)

  • Article 12 - Radio System - Intermittent Noise
    (All 1972 Ford/Lincoln/Mercury Built Prior to 7-16-71)

  • Article 13 - Delayed Initial 1-2 Upshift (C-4 Transmission)
    (1972 Ford, Lincoln/Mercury - All Car Lines)

  • Article 14 - Delayed 1-2 and 2-3 Upshifts (C-4 Transmission)
    (1972 Torino/Montego)

  • Article 15 - Rough Idle - Carburetor to Intake Mounting Loose - 2000cc Engine
    (1971 Pinto)

  • Article 16 - Lubricant Leaks at Spindle Pin Cap and Gasket
    (1972 and Prior - All Heavy and Extra Heavy Trucks with 9,000 and 12,000 Pound Capacity Front Axles except Center Point)

  • Article 17 - Pickup Box Tilt
    (1971-72 F100/250 Light Truck)

  • Article 18 - Exhaust Manifold Cracking - 240 or 300 C.I.D. Engines
    (1971 Parcel)

  • Article 19 - Loss of Coolant as the Result of Overfilling
    (1970-72 L-Series Trucks Equipped with Super Duty or Caterpillar V8 Engines and Radiators with a Single Sight Glass)

  • Article 20 - Lubricant Leaks at Transmission Rear Bearing Bore
    (1970-72 Medium and Heavy Trucks with Clark or New Process Five-Speed Transmission)

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: This is the first issue of a new TSB format that includes Lincoln and Mercury vehicles, which previously had their own separately-published set of TSB releases. The front page of this TSB has the following notice:

TO: All Dealer Service Managers, Service Writers and Technicians

This will introduce the new Technical Service Bulletin as prepared by the Ford Customer Service Division. The new bulletin is a comprehensive document incorporating service information for all Ford Motor Company vehicle lines.

The format was developed after consulting with many dealership service managers, service writers, and service technicians to determine its acceptability by those personnel most directly concerned with its use. We believe it now provides a common document that will allow all dealerships, Ford or Lincoln-Mercury, to have information involving any Ford Motor Company vehicle line.

The Bulletin Contents is divided into three basic sections; Ford car lines, Lincoln-Mercury car lines, and Ford trucks. For ease in locating information, each section contains all articles which apply to these vehicle lines. Each section has also been divided into four basic categories for convenience in locating a specific condition: Body, Chassis. Electrical, and Powertrain.

The Technical Service Bulletin will permit timely notification to all service personnel and technicians of the latest service information to help them to resolve promptly conditions of customer's vehicles which might generate dissatisfaction with the dealers' service and the product.

Ford Customer Service Division