January 1972 - December 1972

Bulletin No. 30 - November 24, 1972

(3 articles)


  • Article 274-1 - (400-2V - Leanness and surge at steady road speed)
  • Article 274-2 - (400-2V - Repeated starts required on cold engine)
  • Article 274-3 - (302 CID - Any cold starting or driveability condition - leanness, surge, repeated starts, etc.)

The service procedures contained in this bulletin are now authorized for dealer usage to improve cold starting and for driveability on specified 1973 model engine calibrations. Additional corrections will be published cover other engine calibrations when necessary approvals have been obtained from the Environmental Protection Agency.

In order to provide Service Technicians with a quick reference for all approved corrections, they will be published in supplemental issues of this Technical Service Bulletin. These supplemental bulletins should be filed when received in numerical sequence following this bulletin (e.g., Technical Service Bulletin No. 30A, 30B, 30C, etc.).

Under the procedures described in this bulletin dealers may perform certain adjustments and/or install an "Emissions Calibration Kit" to correct specific driveability conditions. The kit will include all affected parts, identification tags and installation instructions required to convert the engine to an improved calibration level. It is mandatory that the complete kit be installed as described in the instructions sheets and in this Technical service Bulletin, to assure compliance with the Federal Clean Air Act.

Prior to performing these repairs, it is also mandatory that the exact condition the customer has identified be confirmed by your service department because, each repair procedure will provide improvement for only those conditions identified in the bulletin. Therefore, adjustments and/or kit installation for conditions other than those identified will be ineffective, and may result in increased customer dissatisfaction.

Dealers should use discretion in ordering Emissions Calibration kits because many of the calibrations being changed were produced in limited quantities. Emission calibration kits may be ordered from your Master Distribution Center (Class "BG").

Because of the effect of basic engine settings on cold start and driveability, it may be necessary to perform basic engine checks and adjustments in combination with or separate from kit installation. This is in accordance with the procedures described in Mr. P.E. Benton's communication dated 10-17-72 to all Ford and Lincoln-Mercury dealers and will be specified in the corrections applicable to each engine calibration, if recommended.


Technical Service Bulletin No. 30A - February 2, 1973
(9 articles)