Article 974 - Clutch Master Cylinder Push Rods

TSB #56 - January 6, 1967
(1965-66 P350-500 Trucks)

To prevent failure of the clutch master cylinder push rod due to bending or breakage, a new push rod and repositioned master cylinder became effective in production Job 1, 1967. Push rod failures will result in an inoperative clutch.

Push rod failures can be corrected by the following procedures:
    1. Relocate one of the attaching holes of the existing master cylinder mounting bracket. To accomplish this cut out the attached template (refer to Illus. SI-159-A) and fasten to the face of the cylinder mounting bracket, so that the holes in the template line up with the two holes in the bracket. Locate and drill the repositioned 13/32 dia. hole.
    NOTE: An alternate to the above modification is to order and install the 1967 mounting bracket #C7TZ-7A621-A which incorporates the revised hole positioning.
    2. Install the new design push rod extension C7TZ-7538-A.
    3. Reform existing hydraulic lines as required for attachment or clearance.
    4. Adjust the hydraulic clutch mechanism as outlined on page 5-16 of the 1966 shop manual.


Oper: Master Cylinder (Hydraulic Clutch) Relocate cylinder and replace push rod SP-7538-A-66
Time: 0.8 hrs.