Article 975 - Relocation of Cab Hydraulic Lift Pump Handle

TSB #57 - January 6, 1967
(1966½ W Series)

On customer complaints of lack of accessibility relocate the Cab Hydraulic Lift Pump Handle from its present location on the cab toe plate to the side of the seat riser. This pump handle relocation was incorporated into production on August 5, 1966.

The following steps should be used for relocation:
    1. Remove handle and clips from present location on the cab toe plate.
    2. Measure 3-1/4 inch vertically along the seat riser and drill 2 holes for the existing screws. When drilling these holes, care should be taken not to drill into the air tanks which are located inside the seat riser.
    3. Install the clips with additional flat washers and the existing screws.
    4. Seal existing holes in the floor pan with either M4G32-A Sealer or use two additional screws.

Oper.: SP-00124-A66
Time: 0.3 hrs.