Article 1000 - Twin Post Repair Stand

TSB #60 - February 24, 1967
(All Car and Truck Lines)

The Twin Post Repair Stand (T64L-6001-G) and the Repair Stand Axle Adapters (T66L-4005-B) both shown on page 10 of the Ford Special Tool catalog supplement FD7382-67 or pageB82 of the New Tool and Equipment Catalog Vol. 67-PSM-50B have been discontinued from the Special Service Tool line.

Availability will continue, however, on the universal adapter plates, arms and accessories T64L-6001-B,C,D,E and F listed in the above publications.

The Twin Post Repair Stand (formerly T64L-6001-G) is now available through the Rotunda Equipment Program under Rotunda part number LRE-1730-A. Field announcement will be made in the near future.