Article 1007 - New Process Transmission and Warner T18 Hard Shift, High Effort and Instrument Cluster Interference

TSB #61 - March 10, 1967
(1966, 1967 F-100-250, 350)

Complaints of stiffness or binding in the neutral crossover position or when shifting to second or third can be caused by inadequate lubrication of the shift level spherical seat and trunnion grooves and/or improper position of the shift lever knob.

An application of COAZ-19584-A (Lubriplate - all purpose) or C3VY-19586-B (Lubricant U-Joint Thunderbird) to the spherical section of the shift lever seat trunnion grooves, guide pins and spring seat will reduce shift lever binding in the transmission shift tower allowing for easier shift techniques.

Improper position of the shift lever ball knob can cause excessive shift efforts and should be checked to assure that the shift lever ball is located approximately three (3) inches from the steering wheel rim measured with the shift lever in neutral; in the low/ second gear gate position. If not in this position replace the shift lever.

On F-100-350, model 84 cowls if the transmission cannot be shifted into low gear because of an interference between the instrument panel and the transmission shift lever, then the shift lever is not the correct one and should be replaced.

New PartReplacePart NameModel Usage
C7TZ-7210-H-1C7TZ-7210-HShift LeverF-100-350 4 x 2 - New Process
C7TZ-7210-J-1C7TZ-7210-JShift LeverF-100-250 4 x 4 - New Process
C7TZ-7210-G-1C7TZ-7210-GShift LeverF-100-250 4 x 2 - Warner T18

Oper: Use applicable Suggested Time Schedule
Operation 7210-A, Gear Selector lever - replace.
Time: 0.9 hrs.