Article 1108 - Visual Characteristics of Rear Axle Hypoid Lubricants

TSB #70 - June 23, 1967
(1967 - All Ford Manufactured Rear Axles)

Reports indicate that some field personnel are mistaking axle lubricant for engine oil due to color and flow characteristics.
Two new rear axle hypoid lubricants are used in production on 1967 Ford manufactured rear axles and are specified for all service usage. These lubricants are:

Engineering Specification No.P&A Part Number
All except Econoline Locking
Econoline Locking only

These lubricants will vary in color from a yellowish-green when new, to a beige or gray, as mileage increases, and have flow characteristics of engine oil.

Axle lubricants previously used, namely: ESW-M2C50-B (P&A No. C1AZ-19580-E) and ESW-M2C57-A (P&A No. C2AZ-19580-D) were black in color. These lubricants are no longer used in production or service.

When axle lubricant is checked and found to be a yellowish-green, beige or gray in color, it should not be replaced with a black lubricant.