Article 1107 - Improved Drive Axle Lube

TSB #70 - June 23, 1967
Article 1107 - Improved Drive Axle Lube

(1967 Econoline, Bronco, Light and Medium Trucks)

The presently specified hypoid lubricant for all 1967 and prior model front and rear conventional and locking drive axles on the subject vehicles is ESW-M2C-105-A (P & A #C6AZ-19580-D) except for the Econoline Ford built locking axle which uses ESW-M2C-104-A (P&A #C6AZ-19580-C). C1AA-19B546-A additive (4 oz.) is not to be used on any truck axle since it reduces the score characteristics of the specified lubricant.

Mixing of the old and new type lubricants is not permissible.