Article 1159 - Rear Axle "Click" Noise Problem Correction

TSB #76 - September 29, 1967
(1967 Ford, Thunderbird, Fairlane, Mustang, F-100 Truck, Econoline and Bronco)

Field reports have indicated that some 1967 vehicles equipped with 8-3/4", 9" and 9-3/8" diameter gear rear axle assemblies produce a "clicking" sound. The click noise is most pronounced during torque reversal of the drivetrain when shifting the transmission from NEUTRAL to DRIVE or REVERSE. Investigation has revealed that the click noise emanates from the mating surfaces of the drive pinion universal joint flange and the front pinion bearing inner race.

The problem can be corrected with the installation of the phosphate coated drive pinion oil slinger, Part No. C3AZ-4670-A, between the aforementioned mating surfaces.

Installation of the slinger should be performed on customer complaint units in accordance with the procedure for removal and replacement of the drive pinion oil seal, as contained in Group 4 of all vehicle shop manuals.

NOTE: When installing the slinger, replacement of the drive pinion oil seal and drive pinion universal joint flange nut is required.

Oper: 4676-A
Time: 0.7 hrs.