Article 1161 - Fuel Sender Float Rattle

TSB #76 - September 29, 1967
(All 1965 to 1968 F Series with In Cab Fuel Tanks)

The fuel sender float can strike the upper edge of the fuel tank under conditions of 3/4 full or more and certain road conditions.

This condition exists due to the required length of the float arm because of the tank shape. It does not create any problems but does cause an annoying rattle.

On a customer complaint basis, a rubber boot (Part No. C7TZ-9A175-A, Class AG) can be installed in the following manner:
    1. Disconnect the fuel sender wires at the tank.
    2. Remove the sender unit carefully.
    3. Place the rubber boot on the float assembly (Fig. 2).
    4. Reinstall the sender with a new gasket.
The standard operation and time schedule applies to this correction.


Oper: 9275-A - Fuel Gauge Tank Unit -Replace