Article 1158 - Hard Hot Starts and/or Subsequent Driveaway Stall

TSB #76 - September 29, 1967
(1966 240 CID Econoline - All Models)

Customer complaints of hard hot starting and/or subsequent driveaway stall on subject 240 Econoline units may be encountered during high ambient temperatures.

This problem is caused by fuel pressure buildup in the fuel pump to carburetor line during a hot engine soak. The pressure buildup over-rides the carburetor inlet needle valve which, along with normal carburetor fuel percolation, causes a flooded condition.

1967 fuel handling components have been found to correct this problem and involve the following:
    • Installation of 1967 design Carter fuel pump (C5UZ-9350-C).
    • Installation of 1967 design fuel filter (C5UZ-9155-A).
    • Installation of 1967 design anti-foam baffle and hinge pin in carburetor float bowl, if not already existing (C3AZ-9558-B pin, C5TZ-9A517-A baffle).
    • In addition to the above, adjust the carburetor float level to 1-3/32" after installing the baffle screen and check for sufficient side clearance between the float hinge and the side supports to assure freedom of movement.
    • Install a 1966 type fuel line which is routed from the fuel pump over the rocker arm cover to the fuel filter on the carburetor - if not so equipped (fabricate from stock, 8C-2269-A).
    • Check ignition initial timing and engine idle speed, adjust to specifications, if required.