Article 1001 - Headlamp Bulb Breakage

TSB #60 - February 25, 1967
(1966-1967 Ford and Fairlane - All Models)

Headlamp bulb breakage due to excessive pressure at the bulb indexing lugs has been reported from the field on 1966 and 1967 Ford and Fairlane vehicles. This problem was corrected in production effective November 2, 1966 by the application of tape to the headlamp ball ring indexing notches. Similar action was taken on 1966 models.

In order to assure maximum durability of the headlamp bulbs, two pieces of friction tape should be applied to the headlamp ball ring whenever a headlamp bulb is replaced in service. Refer to Illus. S1182 and S1183 for tape location.