Article 1008 - Carburetor Loading During Engine Warm-Up - 4300-4V Carburetor

TSB #61 - March 10, 1967
(1967 Ford and Thunderbird Units Built Prior to Approximately March 15, 1967 with 390-4V or 428-4V Engine and Automatic Transmission)

Customer complaints of carburetor loading during the engine warm-up period on subject units may be caused by improper choke response to engine temperature. These units built prior to approximately March 15, 1967, incorporate a model "BOA" or "BO" choke cover and related choke adjustments. Units built after this date employ a revised model "BX" choke cover with revised specifications as follows:

Choke Cover"BX"
(C7AZ-9 8 48-C, Class B)
Choke Cover Setting2 Notches Rich
Choke Pulldown Clearance.140 (9/64) inch
Fast Idle Cam Clearance.094 (3/32) inch
Fast Idle Speed1350 R.P.M.

Use the procedure outlined in the accompanying article (Article 1009) of this Service Bulletin on the same subject for 289-4V engine equipped unit to apply this revised choke cover and related specifications to a previously built complaint unit. This procedure is also outlined in the appropriate 1967 Maintenance Manual.

Oper: SP9510-E-67 Choke - Replace Cover and Adjust.