Article 1110 - Intermittent or Inoperative Electrical Components

TSB #70 - June 23, 1967
(1967 Ford)

When diagnosing complaints of intermittent or inoperative electrical components, check for continuity or inspect for a partially dislodged pin terminal at the appropriate hard plastic connector at the left side of the instrument panel (see Group 19, 1967 Ford and Mercury Shop Manual). Such problems are sometimes due to inadequate retention of the pin terminal in the plastic connector resulting in an incomplete connection between the related male and female terminal.

This problem was corrected in production during mid-March by raising the height of the terminal retaining lance to provide more positive retention of the terminal when it is inserted in the plastic connector.

This problem can be corrected by removing the terminal pin from the plastic connector and carefully raising the retaining lance on the side of the terminal approximately 1/16" to positively retain the terminal when it is reinserted into the connector.