Article 1212 - Warranty Parts Return Procedures for Windshields Replaced Under Warranty

TSB #80 - November 24, 1967
(All Vehicle Lines)

The purpose of this article is to request cooperation from all dealers in pinpointing the cause of windshield failures. Because many defective windshields are subsequently damaged during removal and/or shipment, it is often difficult to determine the location of the original defect. Therefore, it is requested that the following procedure be followed whenever windshield replacement is made under warranty:

    1. Circle or otherwise mark the origin of break or other defect on the glass prior to removing glass from vehicle using a grease pencil or other suitable marking tool.
    2. If the glass is broken, attempt to establish if the glass had been in contact with metal (in the area of the break) such as garnish moulding, exterior moulding, clips, etc. If so, mark the point of contact on the windshield.
    3. Include any comment relative to possible cause of breakage such as glass subjected to extreme changes of temperature, extreme cold weather, windshield cracked when defroster was activated, etc.

All failed glass should be marked, identified and handled in anticipation that it will be recalled by the Warranty Parts Return Center. Dealer compliance with these procedures will enable us to accurately identify the actual cause of failure and take the necessary corrective action to eliminate the problem and resulting customer complaints. Your cooperation and compliance with these procedures will be to our mutual benefit.