Article 1213 - Battery Cable Clamp to Battery Post Connection

TSB #80 - November 24, 1967
(1968 Vehicles)

"Slow engine starter cranking" or "no starter action" can be caused by a loose cable clamp connection at the battery post. The loose connection, in some cases, is the result of an undersize battery post which prevents the battery cable clamp from completing a tight connection. This condition can be corrected by cutting approximately 1/8" off the bolt end stop of the battery cable clamp

A visual inspection alone is not adequate to determine whether or not a satisfactory connection exists. Check the cable to post connection prior to replacing any electrical components using the electrical charging system diagnosing procedure outlined in the appropriate Shop Manual.

If a faulty connection exists because of an undersize battery post, the following procedure should be used to insure a tight connection.

    1. Remove cable from vehicle and secure cable clamp in vise.
    2. Use a hacksaw to remove approximately 1/8" from areas shown in Fig. 1.
    3. Check and clean cable and battery post if necessary.
    4. Reinstall the cable, and tighten clamp bolt 55 inch lbs.