Article 1216 - Loose Snap-In Retainer for Vinyl Roof at Drip Rail

TSB #80 - November 24, 1967
(1968 Ford and Mustang, Models 65-57)

Customer complaints of loose and protruding snap-in retainers for vinyl roof covers in the drip rail area have been reported on some 1968 vehicles built prior to October, 1967. This problem is attributed to variations in the assembly of the roof drip rail and occurs at the rear of the drip rail on Models 65 and at approximately the center of the drip rail on Models 57.

To compensate for these variations and to assure proper retention of the snap-in retainer, pop rivets are now being used in production at critical points along the drip rail. If loose snap-in retainers are encountered on vehicles built prior to October, 1967 correction can be made by installing 1/8 in. pop rivets (Part No. 3 75203-S) at the locations shown in Fig. 3. Following is the recommended procedure for pop rivet installation.

1. Remove the roof drip side finish moulding.
2. Clamp the snap-in retainer to the drip rail and drill a 1/8 in. dia. hole through the drip rail and the retainer in the affected area. Refer to Fig. 3 for dimensional location.
3. Secure the retainer to the drip rail with a 1/8 in. pop rivet, Part No. 375203-S.
4. Remove the clamps and install the roof drip side finish moulding.


Oper: SP-61726-A-68 - Mustang, Model 65
Time: One Side...........0.2 hr.
Both Sides..........0.3 hr.
Oper: SP-51726-B-68 - Ford
Model 57
Time: One Side...........0.6 hr.
Both Sides..........0.8 hr.
Oper: SP-51726-C-68 - Ford
Model 65
Time: One Side...........0.5 hr.
Both Sides..........0.6 hr.