Article 1217 - Hood Side Ornament Insert Rattles

TSB #80 - November 24, 1967
(1967-1968 Mustang - All Models Equipped with Louvered Hood)

Customer complaints of rattles when the hood is slammed can occur due to inadequate retention of the insert in the hood side ornament (hood louver). This condition can occur on units built prior to November 1967, and was corrected in production by adding a rubber "O" ring between the insert and the ornament. However, this corrective action is not recommended for field repairs because attempts to remove the spring nuts usually result in breakage of the studs.

Customer complaint units can be corrected by using the following procedure:
    • Procure an air dry adhesive (Part No. EC 1792, available from 3M Company distributors).
    • Apply a small amount of this adhesive to each stud location to assure adequate retention of the insert as shown in Fig. 4.