Article 1218 - Removal of Turn Signal Connector

TSB #80 - November 24, 1967
(All 1968 Carlines Except Thunderbird with Speed Control)

Some difficulty may be encountered in the field on all 1968 carlines, except Thunderbirds equipped with speed control, in removing the female terminals from the turn signal switch hard-shell connector at the lower end of the steering column. The correct tool for proper terminal removal is tool Part No. C4AZ-17018-B. The 1968 Thunderbird equipped with speed control retains the previous design hard-shell connector. For proper removal of this hard-shell connector, refer to TSB Article No. 77, dated December 7, 1964.

To remove the 1968 type female terminal, insert the tool, No. C4AZ-17018-B, as shown in Fig. 5, View A, into the hard-shell connector View B and C and depress the tang on the terminal. Once the tang is depressed, remove the terminal. To install the terminal, insert the terminal into the hard-shell connector and pull on the wire to insure proper seating of terminal tang.