Article 1220 - Loose Air Compressor or Vacuum Pump Drive Gears

TSB #80 - November 24, 1967
(1967-68 242 or 363 CID Dorset Diesel Engines)

Reported loose air compressor drive gears, (C7TZ-6A754-A) on the 363 Dorset Diesel can result from incorrect torque of the gear retaining bolt. Listed below is the correct gear retaining torque for the air compressor bolt and vacuum pump nut for the 363 Dorset Diesel. The vacuum pump nut specification also applies to the 242 CID Dorset.

Listed are the torque specifications:
ApplicationEngineTorque Specification
Air Compressor Bolt 3/8-24x3/436323-29 Ft. Lbs.
Vacuum Pump Nut 1/2-20 Thin Jam242 & 36340-45 Ft. Lbs.

Caution: Clamp the gear in a vise with protective jaws or hold the gear with a shop towel to prevent possible hand injury if the gear should turn.