Article 1223 - Seat Back to Armrest Interference

TSB #80 - November 24, 1967
(1968 Thunderbird Equipped with Bucket Seats)

Customer complaints of interference between the front seat back and the armrest have been received on some early built 1968 Thunderbirds equipped with bucket seats. The interference condition generally occurs on the right hand side and is attributed to variations in the floor pan assembly. These variations allow the seat and back assembly to lean outboard to the point where the side face of the seat back contacts the door armrest.

This condition was corrected during the early part of production by adding spacers between the outboard seat track and floor pan. This effectively moves the seat back laterally toward the center of the vehicle and away from the armrest.

Customer complaints of seat back to armrest interference can be corrected by shimming the outboard seat track. In extreme cases additional clearance can be obtained by shifting the seat back as described in the following procedure:

    NOTE: Do not under any circumstances attempt to correct this problem by relocating the seat track on the floor pan.
    1. Loosen the four seat track to floor pan attaching bolts. Then pry the outboard seat track upward off the floor pan just high enough to insert a 1/8 in. shim (Part No. C0AA-3043-A) at each outboard seat track stud, see Fig. 7.
    NOTE: The shims specified are "caster-camber" shims and can be arranged in stakes. Equal amounts of shims should be used, otherwise a binding condition may be encountered.
    2. Allow the seat track to rest on the shims and check the clearance between the seat back and door armrest. If required add additional shims, then tighten the four seat track attaching bolts. Do not shim more than 1/4 in., otherwise a binding condition may be encountered.
    3. If the seat back continues to interfere with the armrest, remove the two inboard seat back to seat frame attaching bolts (see Fig. 8) and install one or more 1/2 in. flat washers between the seat back support arm and seat frame. The purpose of these washers is to eliminate any seat back lateral movement between the two support arms.
    NOTE: Clearance variations at the door armrest between the left hand and right hand bucket seats is permissible.

Fig. 7
Fig. 8

Oper: SP-61704-A-68
Time: 0.3 hrs