Article 1269 - Oil Consumption Originating From the Crankcase Ventilation System

TSB #85 - February 9, 1968
(All 1967 Vehicles Powered with 352, 390 or 428 CID Engines, Except Cougar and Mustang)

In the event of a customer complaint of oil consumption and the engine crank-case ventilation system is suspected, it is suggested an oil separator cap (C8AZ-6A665-A, Class B) and oil separator grommet (C8AZ-6A892-B, Class A) designed to accommodate the PCV valve be installed in the right valve rocker arm cover assembly identified by "Powered by Ford" stamped on the upper surface. These new valve rocker arm cover assemblies feature at the PCV valve location a cam-lock which will hold the oil separator cap. Finally, install the PCV valve into the oil separator grommet and cap assembly.

It should be noted that this modification will not completely eliminate oil wetting of the PCV valve or inside diameter of the attaching hose or tube since oil vapor is disseminated through the system; therefore, every 12,000 miles remove the adaptor (cap) and wash in a low volatility petroleum base solvent. Shake the cap dry and reinstall. Do not dry with compressed air as damage to the filtering media may result.