Article 1285 - 1968 Driveline U-Joint Usage

TSB #86 - February 23, 1968
(1968 - All Light Trucks)

During 1968, two universal joints are being used. These are:

    1. A 6,000 mile lubeable universal joint with a zerk grease fitting.
    2. A lifetime lubricated universal joint which never needs lubrication. This joint has no grease fitting.
    3. Some units were produced with a lubeable joint at one end and lifetime lubricated joint at the other. These units are acceptable and should not be modified to make all U-joints the same.
Proper lubrication of universal joints with zerk fittings can be achieved as follows:

    1. Add lubricant (M1C75-B) until fresh lubricant appears at all journal cross bearing seals.
    2. If seals do not show lubricant, move the shaft laterally in all four directions and pull against the opposite bearing cap with gun pressure applied to the grease fitting.
    3. In extreme cases when lubricant does not show, it may be necessary to remove the driveshaft and disassemble and clean the bearing.