Article 1302 - Driveline "Clunk" or "Snap"

TSB #86 - February 23, 1968
(1965-1968 F-100-F-350; P-350-P-500; P-3500-P-5000; E-100-300)

Most complaints of driveline "clunk" or "snap" can be corrected by assuring that the driveshaft slip yoke is properly lubricated. (See also, "Driveline Click", Bulletin #76, Article #1159, dated September 29, 1967.)

This can best be achieved as follows:

    1. Remove driveline.
    2. Clean and check for galled or worn splines. Replace if necessary.
    3. Clean and inspect slip yoke splines. Remove grease, dirt and/or rust.
    4. Lubricate slip yoke by using a long handle (stencil type) brush dipped in ESA-M1C75-B Long Life lubricant. Spread evenly on splines.
    Note: It is not necessary to lubricate the coupling shaft spline.
    5. Reinstall the driveshaft.
    6. Using a hand gun, lubricate slip yoke with ESA-M1C75-B until grease appears at the splines of the grease cap.
    7. Road test unit.

Oper: SP-4602-A-68 Time: 1.0 hrs.