Article 1263 - Inoperative Turn Signal Switches - Fixed and Tilt Column

TSB #84 - January 26, 1968
(All 1968 Car Lines)

Field reports have been received concerning inoperative turn signal switches. Some switches, which have been returned from the field as inoperative, were found non-defective.

Although there are various factors which can cause inoperative turn signals, it has been found in some cases the lubricant, used to prevent corrosion on the contact points in the hazard switch, acts as an insulator between the contacts causing a switch malfunction.

To correct this problem in production, an improved lubricant was released which is less apt to exhibit this condition. This change, however, was not incorporated at a definite point in vehicle production as steering column assemblies are color keyed. Therefore some of these switches will still be found on present production units due to in-plant stock.

On complaints on inoperative turn signal circuits, the hazard "on and off" plunger should be cycled a minimum of ten (10) times to assure the contact points are clear of this lubricant, before further repairs are attempted.