Article 1265 - Loose Fiberglass Rail Attachments

TSB #84 - January 26, 1968
(1968 Ford and Fairlane - Squire Models)

Customer complaints of Country Squire fiberglass trim rails being loose or bowed to the sheet metal body panels have been reported on 1968 model Ford and Fairlane vehicles. This problem is attributed to loose fiberglass rail attaching clip retainers or retainers which have broken away from the rail. This occurs when the retaining clip is not aligned with the holes in the sheet metal, causing the clip retainer to disengage from the retaining bosses in the rail.

Corrective action was taken in production effective approximately November, 1967 by adding epoxy cement at the clip retainer to the fiberglass rail boss. Customer complaint units can be corrected as follows:

    1. Remove the affected rail from the body by removing the attaching nuts and prying the rail away from the body at each snap-in fastener. (Refer to Figs. 5 and 6). Then remove from the body any fasteners which have broken away from the rail.
    2. Inspect the holes in the sheet metal for proper alignment with the clips in the rail, burrs around the drilled hole and for dimpled sheet metal. If any of of these conditions exist correct by drilling the holes for proper alignment, removing the burrs or removing the dimples from the sheet metal.
    3. Reposition the detached fasteners in the rail in proper alignment with the body holes and apply a 50-50 mix of 3M 1838A & B Epoxy Cement (available from 3M Company Distributors) or equivalent to each loose retainer as shown in Fig. 7.
    4. Allow the epoxy cement to "set up" and re-install the rail to the body.

Figure 5
Figure 6