Article 1276 - Intermittent Blower Motor Operation

TSB #85 - February 9, 1968
(1968 Ford Equipped with Integral Air Conditioning Heating System)

Customer complaints of intermittent air conditioning blower operation have been received on some 1968 Fords with the integral air conditioning system. This problem may be caused by the blower motor and the wiper motor wires being misconnected (reversed) at their respective circuit breakers which are located adjacent to each other on the lower lip of the instrument panel.

When encountering customer complaints of intermittent blower motor operation, assure that the blower motor and wiper motor wires are properly connected before attempting repair.

• Blower motor wires — (1) yellow, (1) black with green stripe - 25 amp circuit breaker (C8AZ14526-A)
• Wiper motor wires — (2) orange with white stripe - 7-1/2 amp circuit breaker (C7AZ14526-C)

Refer to Fig. 2 for wire and circuit breaker identification and location.