Article 1278 - Dorset Diesel Engine Sleeve Remover & Installing Tools

TSB #85 - February 9, 1968
(All Dorset Diesel Engines)

The Dorset diesel engine utilizes dry type cylinder sleeve liners which may be removed and replaced with service repair sleeves when the proper tools are employed.

A 17-1/2 ton hydraulic cylinder sleeve puller and installer which handles both wet and dry sleeves without removing cylinder head studs is now available through National Parts Depot as a Class Z service tool and may be ordered on an Inactive Parts order form as follows:

- WITH HYDRAULICS. (Includes Hydraulic Unit TOOL-618-Y)

- WITHOUT HYDRAULICS. One of the following hydraulic units must be used with this tool: TOOL-6018-Y; or Rotunda units LRE-25789, LRE-25788 or LRE-4109BA. If none of the above hydraulic units are accessible order TOOL-6970-HY (includes hydraulics).

Also select the sleeve puller driver attachment of the correct size. See TOOL-6976-SP and TOOL-6976-3A listed below.

17-1/2 TON HYDRAULIC UNIT - This hydraulic unit has a two inch stroke, is versatile in application, includes a hand operated hydraulic pump and gauge and also a threaded and non-threaded head insert. Applicable to TOOL-6973-A as well as other operations requiring hydraulics. Electric pump available from Rotunda - Catalog Number LRE-Y27A.

  • PULLER. 4.125 I.D. X 4.281 O.D. TOOL-6976-3A
  • DRIVER. Availability will be after March 1, 1968.