Article 1281 - Premature Rear Brake Lining Wear Correction

TSB #85 - February 9, 1968
(All 1965-1967 Ford Station Wagon Models)

Some 1965-1967 Ford station wagons have experienced premature wear of rear brake linings due to heat build-up under certain extremes of usage. Beginning with 1968 models, flared rear drums are used as standard equipment, which improves heat dissipation. On a customer complaint basis of premature rear lining wear, flared rear brake drums (Part No. C3AZ-1126-B) can be incorporated. Linings and other brake components should be inspected and corrected, if necessary, in connection with such work.

Do not confuse this type of rear brake lining wear with the extreme heat evidenced as a result of operating abuse of the vehicle brakes or due to driving with the parking brake applied.

NOTE: Before installing the flared drums, inspect the rear brake assemblies for proper component installation and alignment. The parking brake cables must also be free and operating properly.