Article 1286 - Headlining Sag

TSB #86 - February 23, 1968
("New Cortina" Range)

Customer complaints of sagged or loose headlining are usually attributed to loose or mispositioned headlining bows. Corrective action was taken in July, 1967 by revising the headlining bows to assure adequate bow tension against the roof panel. Customer complaints of loose or sagged headlining can be corrected as follows:

    • First determine which headlining bow is affected by pressing upward against the bow nearest the sag. If there is any noticeable bow movement or looseness, remove only that section of the headlining to expose the end of the bow. Usually, it is only necessary to expose one side of the bow.
    • Cut several pieces of felt or other suitable material three inches (76.2 mm) square by 1/4 inch (6.4 mm) thick. Wedge the required number of felt spacers between the bow and roof panel. The spacer must be placed near the end of the bow or at a point where the bow first contacts the roof panel.
    NOTE: Under no circumstances should the spacer be placed at the center line of the bow.
    • Re-install the headlining.

Oper: SP-51916-A-68 Time: 0.4 hrs.