Article 1287 - Back-up Light Switch Adjustment

TSB #86 - February 23, 1968
(1967 and 1968 Model C Cortina)

The following procedure should be used to adjust the transmission mounted back-up light switch on GT models when customers complain of difficulty in engaging reverse gear.
    1. Disconnect battery.
    2. Disconnect wires to back-up light switch.
    3. Loosen switch lock nut and turn switch counter-clockwise a few turns.
    4. Place transmission into Reverse.
    5. Connect self-powered test light to switch wires and carefully turn switch clockwise until light comes on.
    NOTE: Turning switch too far into transmission may result in switch damage and difficulty in placing transmission into Reverse.
    6. Turn switch a half turn further and tighten lock nut.
    7. Reconnect switch wires and battery and check switch operation.