Article 1295 - Antenna Installation

TSB #86 - February 23, 1968
(1968 Ford)

Analysis of parts returned from the field indicate that some dealers are not taking proper care when installing the Ford antenna and lead-in cable assembly. Kinking the lead-in cable or pulling it too taut may cause damage to the internal element of the lead-in cable resulting in intermittent or poor radio reception. To insure against this kind of damage and resulting customer complaints, use the antenna lead-in cable routing as specified in the antenna kit cable routing as specified in the antenna kit installation procedures and as shown in Fig. 8. Because of the sharp angles involved and exposure to engine heat, etc., it is not advisable to route the lead-in cable in the engine compartment and through the center of the firewall. Also, make sure that the grommet on the lead-in cable is firmly seated in the hole in the cowl plenum chamber to eliminate the possibility of water or air leaks. To ease installation of this grommet, apply a silicone base lubricant (COAZ-19553-C or equivalent) to the grommet before installing the antenna to the fender.