Article 2063 - Excessive Floor Pan Heat Correction

TSB #131 - January 16, 1970
(1969 Ford with 390-2V and 429-4V Engines)

On a customer complaint of excessive heat in the rear seat, floor pan and/or cargo area, the heat can be reduced to an acceptable level by covering the floor pan in the area over the muffler or mufflers with heat reflecting insulating material and by wrapping the exhaust pipe in the kick-up area with asbestos or fiberglass tape. Heat reflective fiberglass insulating material with aluminum foil on both sides and fiberglass or asbestos tape can be procured locally.


Operation: SP-5230-A-70
Time: 0.7 Hr. - Single Exhaust 1.1 Hr. - Dual Exhaust

DLR. CODING: Defect Code 65