Article 3248 - 4-Speed Transmission - Oil Leaks

TSB #157 - January 22, 1971
(Pinto - 1971)

Pintos with the German four-speed transmission found to be leaking oil at the interface of the extension house and case, the back-up light switch, the shift handle opening or at the plug in the shift tower turret should be corrected as follows:

    1. Coat the rear face of the case with contact adhesive B9AE-19B508-A.
    2. Let the contact adhesive set for approximately one minute and carefully place the new gasket, D1FZ-7086-B, on the case.
    3. Coat the face and pilot of the extension housing with the contact adhesive and complete the assembly of the transmission.

DescriptionPart NumberClassAvail.
Gasket & Seal Contact AdhesiveB9AE-19B508-AA12-16-70
Extension Housing GasketD1FZ-7086-AC12-16-70

WARRANTY STATUS: Reimbursable within provisions of Warranty and Policy Manual.
Operation: With 1600 CC - SP-7650-B-71; With 2000 CC - SP-7650-A-71
Time: With 1600 CC - 2.0 Hrs.; With 2000 CC-2.1Hrs.