Article 3250 - Clutch Housing to Flywheel Housing Attaching Bolts

TSB #157 - January 22, 1971
(All 9000 Series Trucks with 8V-71 Engines and 16-Speed Spicer Transmissions - 1970-71 Model)

If clutch housing attaching bolts loosen in service, install new bolts. The new bolts incorporate a nylon insert and should be used in conjunction with the existing flat washer. Torque the bolts to 35-40 foot pounds.

Part NumberPart NameClassAvail.
383890-S100Bolt 3/8-16 x 1-1/2
Grade 8 with nylon insert

WARRANTY STATUS: Reimbursable within the provisions of the Warranty & Policy Manual.
Operation: SP-7505-A-71
Time: L Series - 0.5 Hr.; W Series - 0.6Hr.

DLR. CODING: Basic No. 7505 - Code 57