Article 3251 - Automatic Transmission Converter and Oil Cooler Cleaning

TSB #157 - January 22, 1971
(All Vehicles Equipped with an Automatic Transmission)

Whenever a transmission has been disassembled to replace worn or damaged parts or because the valve body sticks from foreign material, the converter and oil cooler MUST be cleaned by using a mechanically agitated cleaner, such as the Rotunda LRE-60081. It has been proven that hand agitation will NOT adequately clean these parts.

When internal wear or damage has occurred in the transmission, metal particles, clutch plate or band material may have been carried into the converter and oil cooler.

These contaminants are a major cause of recurring transmission troubles and MUST be removed from the system before the transmission is put back into service. Under NO circumstances should you attempt to clean converters or oil coolers by hand agitation with solvent.