Article 3264 - Flywheel Housing Misalignment

TSB #158 - January 29, 1971
(Pinto with Manual Transmission - 1971)

Flywheel housing misalignment can result in excessive release bearing noise, vibration in the clutch pedal while being cycled at high engine idle speed and 3rd and 4th gear jumpout.

The following procedure must be used whenever installation of the flywheel housing is necessary (see Figure 2 ).
    1. Clean all flywheel housing and cylinder block mounting surface.
    2. Position the transmission and flywheel housing assembly on the dowels in the cylinder block. The housing must slide on the dowels squarely and firmly indicating positive engagement.
    3. Hold the flywheel housing firmly in position on the dowels. Thread the attaching bolts through the hollow portion of the dowels and into the housing. Torque the bolts to 23-33 lb. ft.
    4. Install the center attaching bolts. Torque to 23-33 lb. ft.
    5. Install the two upper attaching bolts or stud nuts. Torque to 28-38 lb. ft.

NOTE: Any flywheel housing that is being reinstalled should be inspected for possible dowel pin damage to the flywheel housing holes prior to installation. If damage is present that will prevent proper installation per the above instruction (see Figure 2 ), the housing should be replaced with a new part.