Article 3273 - Oil Filter Seal - Blown Out - Engine

TSB #158 - January 29, 1971
(Pinto with 1600cc Engine - 1971)

Some 1600 cc Pinto engines may have experienced blown oil filter seals. Investigation revealed that the oil pump relief valve plunger is being forced past the relief valve chamber into a smaller diameter bore and restricting relief oil flow, allowing pressure to build up until the oil filter seal is blown out. This condition is aggravated by oil thickening at low ambient temperatures.

When a complaint of this nature occurs, remove the oil pump, and:
    1. Unseat the relief valve spring at the oil pump to block mounting face. (See Figure 5)
    2. Install a 1/2" x 1/4" diameter spacer inside the spring. (Standard Part No. 375931-S2.)
    3. Reseat the spring being careful that the spring is not distorted.
    4. Replace oil filter and seal.
    5. Install new oil pump to block gasket, and install oil pump.
    6. Where considered necessary, inspect engine for any damage that may have occurred due to operation with insufficient oil supply in the oil pan.
NOTE: If Standard Part No. 375931-S2 is not available, the spacer may be fabricated from a piece of 1/4" drill rod. (See Figure 6 .)

DescriptionPart No.ClassAvail.
(1/4" dia. x 1/2" long roll pin)



WARRANTY STATUS: Reimbursable per provisions of Warranty & Policy Manual.
Operation: SP-6600-A-71
Time: 0.6 Hr.

DLR. CODING: Basic Number 6600 - Defect Code 07