Article 103 - Power Windows Inoperative

TSB #10 - January 28, 1972
(1972 Thunderbird/Mark IV)

The 1972 Mark IV and Thunderbird door power window regulator drive arms have been reinforced to provide greater stability during the up cycle of window operation preventing the arm from bending and becoming disengaged from the window. The new regulator will be identified with a horizontal yellow paint stripe on the inboard side of the drive arm as shown in Fig. 2. Due to a shortage of supply of the new parts, current service replacement regulator arms can be reinforced (refer to the 1972 Car shop Manual, Part 42-07 for removal) as shown in Fig. 2. This rework will only be required in the enterim period until the modified regulators (identified with the yellow paint stripe) are available for service.


Reimbursable within the provisions of the Warranty and Policy Manual.
OPERATION: SP-23208-A-72
TIME: 1.0 hrs.

DLR. CODING: Basic Part No. 7023208 - Code 02